iSen ręką AI pisany
Czyli kiedy nie chce Ci się pisać własnego opowiadania, więc korzystasz z sieci neuronowych

Niniejsza historyjka została w całości wygenerowana przez AI, które bazowało na wybranych postach z forum i krótkich opisach postaci, miejsc, wydarzeń ze zjazdów. Tekst wrzuciłem do syntezatora i można posłuchać w formie audiobooka. Język angielski bo uznałem że tekst nieco straci na uroku przy tłumaczeniu :)

W formie tekstu:
This is a story about friendship, love, sacrifice and trust. A story about a group of people who were raised in the shadow of a dark past, but ultimately overcame it to make their lives happy.

Fallen is always reading spiritual books, debating with people and trying not to get into the mud of daily life.
He has a passion for spirituality and striving for enlightenment. His dream was to be like young Buddha and achieve perfection in healthy relationships. One day he saw an elder meditating under the light which felt as if it came from
every direction at once. It seemed as if this man had been enlightened and Fallen became jealous with pride.
So he went to search for enlightenment himself by becoming one with nature, fasting or indulging in food,
consuming cannabis or drinking alcohol, having sex indiscriminately or having no sexual relations whatsoever -
but nothing helped his ego become still long enough to reach Nirvana. He also wanted everyone to be enlightened
through meditation, so he went out on a journey to find people with the same ideals as him.

He met Incestus, a old man who had been diagnosed as obese but still loved his body because it was beautiful and large. Incestus had been a psychiatrist for over 20 years. He was quite successful and liked to help people heal from their mental traumas. He found his work rewarding but, as he got older, felt that there were many more important things in life than just being a doctor. He wanted to do something that would have an eternal impact on the world - even if it meant sacrificing his own well-being for other people's benefit.
Incestus eats meat, but he can't stand living animals so he loves eating dead ones. He likes to eat. His stomach is a giant food container. He would always come over for dinner with his friends Kys and cosmic who had autism and they all liked to smoke weed together while dreaming about space and the stars.

But one day, a beautiful thought occurs to Kys. What if the dream world becomes even more real, what if the heroes have a world of their own where they have all the great food, good music and true love? They could start their own secret club.
A short time later the heroes start developing a club, a club where you are welcomed, not ridiculed,
and in which everyone has a chance to shine.
Incestus discusses the naming of the club and, in a rather bold move, suggests that the club should be called "Sex Craves". But the rest preferred a name more related to the dream world.

This is how the house of iSen was created. All members are naked, with large asses.

iSeners are very similar to pop stars.  They have bad smell and show no interest in others.
iSen users communicate by typing with their eyes. That is why they spell phonetically and because most of
them have difficulty with social interaction.

Soon our heroes organized the club's first meeting. They were all about to drink a beer when
Fallen noticed that Cosmic was trying to build something out of wood.
"What are you making?" he asked curiously. "It's a puzzle," replied Cosmic as he looked up at him with
his blue eyes. "I want it to be difficult."
"Hey guys, what's up?" Incestus said in a voice that was deep and guttural from whiskey and cigarettes.
"I'm looking for someone to share my bed with." Cosmic looked disturbed by this sudden confession of desire, but
darted his eyes over to look at Fallen who was laughing hysterically. This unusual situation brought back old memories from the times when Incestus helped him in the hardships of everyday life.

10 years earlier.

Cosmic was always a quirky kid. He loved to build things and had great memory for numbers.
His favorite game was Tetris, but he could never beat it no matter how many times he played.
Cosmic's parents were very disappointed in him often because they wanted their son to be normal.
But Cosmic didn't care what other people said about him, as long as they liked things
made out of wood... Which nobody ever did because none of his creations looked anything like
what other kids at school made. Cosmic almost seems to be living as an adult version of himself.

Cosmic looked around the room out of the corner of his eye, making sure that no one
was looking over at him.
"Hi," says Incestus as he sidles up to Cosmic who is playing with some toy blocks on the table.
"I've been watching you for a bit now. You seem interested in what I do?"
Cosmic blushed and picked up a few blocks from the table before answering shyly, "Yes."
"It's been tough being autistic all my life," said Cosmic as he nervously put them back down again.
"I love playing with Lego blocks, but I'm not very good at making anything out of wood."
Incestus smiled and took a few steps closer so that they were standing beside each other. "But you seem to know how to use the tools well enough?" Cosmic looked up bashfully before replying, "Yes." He blushed deeply when he saw Incestus smiling kindly at him.
"Would you like me to show you how to build something?" asked Incestus softly. Cosmic's face lit up with joy as he watched the tower rise.
He'd been building castles for hours, but nothing had ever come close to this level of awe-inspiring glory. "It looks just like a real castle!" He exclaimed in amazement before carefully taking it off the table and setting it on the ground.
"I know! Building things is so much fun." The Lego blocks were placed back on the table and Incestus looked at
Cosmic eagerly. "What would you like to build next?"


Our heroes decided to organize the first official iSen convention. They met during the summer vacation to talk about dreams and mental illness while roasting sausages over the fire.

Sudo was looking for inspiration on her phone, scrolling through different photos. She came upon a photo of someone's dream that looked really nice and began to read the comments on it.
"Omg, I'm so jealous," she said. "I wish I could have dreams like this."
"Why don't you?" High Contrast replied with his voice booming from behind her.
She turned around and saw him towering over her in all his glory, with big rippling muscles and an imposing stance.
He had dark eyes and bushy eyebrows that stretched across most of his forehead when he lowered them at people.

"I need to tell you something" Sudo turned to the rest of the iSeners. "I wanted to tell you that I went to a Satanist Scout club called Inferno" she added.  "I had a great time."
"You went to a Satanist club?" Fallen asked. He had seen photos of the club on Facebook. He wondered if Satanism was a bad thing or something he needed to know.
"Not so much a Satanist club, but a club of people who practice Satanism. They think it's a holy path for mankind." Sudo told them. "Some even thought that it was some kind of modern religion, based on a goddess of love. They say that love is always in the wrong place, just like cosmic and me, and all other things are wrong for the sake of love." She explained.
"These people are like pedophiles" Incestus said. "They are over 60 years old and they think pedophilia is okay."
"But not everything is wrong in the name of love" Fallen added. He didn't want to scare them too much.
"These people think that love is wrong because it is not altruistic. Instead of a god-like love for all mankind, it's supposed to be romantic love."

Incestus stroked his majestic beard and sighed, "This might be the most insightful conversation I've had so far."
"So what do you think?" Sudo asked them. "Are you interested in Satanism?"
"The Bible says you're not supposed to look for love in the wrong places," Cosmic said.
"So if you are going to join the Satanist Scouts club, which is definitely a wrong place, you might want
to look in the wrong direction."
"Not everything is wrong for the sake of love" Incestus explained.
"Sex is a good thing. This is how we are meant to solve all problems and satisfy all desires, except if you're into incest, of course"
Sudo quickly covered her mouth with her hand and said no more. The three sat around the fire and drank beer while Incestus whispered strange words into the flames.

"Is incest bad?" Fallen asked him. "No. It's just a way to satisfy all your desires in one single act. It doesn't mean you are trying to do something evil or horrible. It means you are trying to be like cosmic and me."
"Sex is a good thing, but incest is bad" Fallen explained.
"Sexual acts between siblings is forbidden in some religions and religions are always in the wrong place. Things like drinking alcohol and smoking pot and chocolate and sleeping pills are all things that will spoil your desire to have a spiritual love. Sex is a good thing to be used for spiritual purposes."
Fallen took a sip of beer and sat quietly. He felt like he wasn't quite right. He didn't feel good about this conversation. "Why are people into incest?" Sudo asked him. "Why are we into incest?"

Cosmic decided to change the subject. "Hey Sudo, tell us your opinion about Linux. I have a lot of friends that are going to teach me how to use it. I want to learn how to program and create video games."
"I'm not really into Linux or computers in general. I'm more into the arts. Besides, Linux is a complicated language. You can't just pick it up in a few days."
"Linux is the greatest tool of the modern era. The greatest and fastest way to transfer files from one device to another, without running into system crashes. The absolute best way to connect to the internet. It's the software that could bring information to every corner of the world. It can make the world into one huge information highway." Incestus explained. "When you can communicate between two people, you are creating a pathway to a spiritual love."

"Hey, did you just read that Sewek wrote about his discovery of a new subatomic particle? What's the name of it?" Cosmic asked.
"The photon. And it goes in the form of a spiral."
"Where did Sewek find that?"
"He found it through quantum physics and quantum physics is the dream of every pedophile."
"Okay, what are the rest of the details about the photon and its quantum physics?"
"That's how the photon behaves. That's how a cop catches a pedophile. That's how gravity works. That's why Earth is round. That's how lightning is blue."
The four teenage criminals were not amused and drank more beer to forget the information they heard. That's how the secret to the photon was discovered.

"I think I'm awake now." Sexually obsessed Fallen noticed a sexual position that looked like a circle. His voice was strained and he repeated it several times.
"Yes, I think so too. Fallen, you just caught me in a sexual position. I can't move anymore, are you feeling better?" Incestus noticed a strange electric effect in the air.
"Fuck! Sex is interfering with the emission of energy!"
Incestus finally decided to open his huge medicine bag. He pulled out stilnox, a blue pill.
"Does anyone feel up to getting stilnox?"
All three eagerly raised their hands. "This is the best thing in the world. It will literally rejuvenate your body and give you superhuman powers."
"Just one of these and you'll have the stamina of a fucking dragon." Sudo told them.
"But how does it work?" Fallen asked him. "It's not magic or alchemy or any other strange
stuff that I've heard about."
"To answer your question, stilnox is a compound that contains a chemical called stilnoxine, which is a chemical compound with hallucinogenic properties. The magic in stilnox is hidden inside the pill. It has no effect when taken as a liquid. You can put a single molecule of stilnox inside a plastic bag and it will change the color of the plastic to purple and make you super hungry."
Incestus took one of the stilnox pills and gave it to Cosmic. "This is like magic." Cosmic said. He sat silently and took a big gulp of stilnox. "Hear that?" He shouted. "It's the sound of the words escaping my lips, trying to get to you. The sound of words escaping my lips. The sound of love's arrival."

Incestus took another pill and gave it to Fallen. Fallen took the pill and stretched his muscles. He stared at the sky with a strange look in his eyes. "Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty."
They stood still for a moment, holding their breaths. Fallen stood on his tip toes and bent over in a strange way. His skin turned white.
"We are in stilnoxium." He shouted.
A red beam appeared from Incestus's mouth. "Incestus, sisteme elektronicus."
The boys heard the words inside their minds. Cosmic mouth was suddenly covered in lightning. Cosmos screamed. "Are you fucking kidding me?" He screamed.
"That's impossible. Are you trying to kill me?"
"No." Incestus said calmly. "I'm going to heal your autism."
The lightning disappeared and Cosmic was finally calm. Suddenly everyone felt drowsy and fell into a deep sleep. Once in the dream world, they decided to go on an adventure in the realm of their dreams.

In Cosmic's dream world, Cosmic shows off his inventions of a gigantic condom, a hypnotiser, an immortality potion and various types of recreational drugs. They decide to test these inventions. Their first experiment involves the creation of the greatest condom ever. When the condom expands to about 600 times its original size, it smashes Cosmic's skull. He comes back to consciousness, feeling the coldness of his skin. The second experiment is more successful. The hypnotiser gives the unconscious boys permission to cross the emotional lines and experience emotions. They each express their love for other people, their disappointment with their existence, their loneliness, their hatred and their sadness.
There is more. They discover that they are not the masters of their destiny but the slaves of their autism. They can not control their autism nor can they see themselves as normal people. With each passing moment, they become more withdrawn, less caring, more selfish.

Incestus had decided to lock them in a dark room and turn off all the lights. He promised that he would take care of them until they wake up. Cosmic and Fallens realized they had been captured by Incestus and were now in his freezer room.
Cosmic and Fallens were wondering if they would wake up in the dark, imprisoned by the mad doctor, who would probably eat them alive. However, instead of eating them, Incestus took out his stilnox pills.
They are curious about it and wondered what the point of it was. They decided to taste it to see what happens. The stilnox they took knocked them out for a good half hour, but instead of being in a magical world in which all was magical and beautiful, they found themselves in a nightmare. The stilnox was completely toxic and it made them dizzy, sweating and going to a stupor.

Cosmic and Fallens saw a strange creature behind Incestus. It was an ugly monkey with large teeth. "This is Traveler, my faithful servant from the iSen forum" Incestus said. "Traveler will take care of you while I am away."

"Traveler, come, come". exclaimed Cosmo. "I have been waiting for this for years. I can now have my monkey love in virtual reality."
"Welcome to my house" Traveler said, approaching them. "This is my place. Come, my friends, dance in the dark."
"Traveler is not a monkey". Cosmo said, surprised. "He is more beautiful than a monkey. There is no way he could be a monkey."
"Traveler is a non-human animal and in his mind, he is a monkey," Incestus replied.
"Traveler has lied," said Cosmo. "I don't know why he lied to us. He is not a monkey, but a monkey."
"It's okay," said Traveler, soothing them. "I have gotten used to it. I have gotten so used to lying to people I have no idea where the line of truth and lie begins," said Traveler. "Sometimes, I feel like I am speaking different languages. I mean I can't understand some of the languages I hear, but I can speak them in my mind."
"Hey, what is the deal with the monkey," said Fallen.
"The monkey does not exist," said Incestus. "No monkey exists."

Cosmic saw Traveler has a stilnox needle and gave him some stilnox and some alcohol. "Don't take too much" Cosmo warned. While Traveler was taking the stilnox pills, Cosmo had drunk some beer and was looking for an idea how he should start his new life. He wanted to hook up with Traveler and take him on a trip to some unknown land, where they can finally finish their novel titled "Wolffrazeson" they had been writing for a long time. This was a story about mental illness, lost souls and teenagers that had fallen in love in dream reality.

"Traveler has his own intelligence system. He is capable of thinking and understanding abstract concepts." Incestus said. "Traveler can even communicate mentally. He can be used as an example for autistic people to show them how it is possible to be autistic."
The monkey climbed to the top of the refrigerator and started playing around with the buttons of the freezer. Traveler started talking to the frozen men. "Are you getting tired of your adventure?" Traveler asked them. "Is it time for you to wake up?"
"Yes," Cosmo answered. "What do we do now?"
"Traveler can change his physical structure if you wish it to." Incestus said. "You can change his appearance with your mind and he will do it."
"I want to try and change Traveler's appearance. I think I can do it. Please make Traveler's body look like a Harambe gorilla."
Cosmic was fascinated by gorillas, especially Harambe, the gorilla who had died at the Cincinnati Zoo in May 2016. He thought that the gorilla was beautiful, wonderful and great, and he wanted to keep the look. After the Traveler's transformation, they finally were able to wake up.

After these events, iSen became a website which collects people from different countries around the world in order to share dreams. They have been given a special lucid dream starter pack. The start page greeted new users with these words:
"Welcome, participants of our lucid dreaming experiment.
Our research has been a success.  Your dreams are like stepping stones on a river. They are the key to the inner world. They are your way to expand your perception, to control your dreams, to break through barriers, to get to know the world around you.
iSen needs your help."

The iSen users tend to spend the entire day playing games such as Scrabble and Legos. iSen users have sex by masturbation and the gangbang is always involved. All of them feel very good and don't want to wake up.

High Contrast writes: "Here it is. What iSen is. An introverted, fantastical, fantastic dream land. You'll be able to use your ability to dream while you are sleeping to access an internet forum called iSen. iSen is an internet forum about dreams and lucid dreams. It is run by an incestus who conducts his psychological experiments on it."

Overtime iSen members will become infected with the narcissistic tendency. The narcisism leads to an obsession for wealth. The obsession leads to a desire for sex. The desire for sex leads to a desire to dominate other people.

End of chapter one.

*Wszelkie podobieństwo do prawdziwych postaci i zdarzeń jest przypadkowe*
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Odpowiedz cytując ten post
Czy intensywna tematyka seksualna to inwencja AI ? ;). Chcę zobaczyć feed do tej historii, jakie dane zostały podane ? ;)
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Odpowiedz cytując ten post
(08-02-2022, 00:00 )incestus napisał(a): Czy intensywna tematyka seksualna to inwencja AI ? ;).
Ye. Od pewnego momentu (ognisko) AI koniecznie chciało brnąć wyłącznie w tematy seksualne albo w "spiritual love", tak że musiałem je długo naprowadzać na odpowiednie tory. Raz owocem była scena orgii, można powiedzieć że to jeden z tych materiałów który trafiłby jako dodatek w wydaniu rozszerzonym DVD w kategorii deleted scenes :P

(08-02-2022, 00:00 )incestus napisał(a): Chcę zobaczyć feed do tej historii, jakie dane zostały podane ?
Odmawiam podawania tych danych, czar by prysł wiedząc jaki był konkretny input :D Ale to były bardzo krótkie i zwięzłe opisy, dużo rzeczy AI wymyśliło samo. Traveler na przykład nie miał żadnego opisu, AI wymyśliło małpę, zaraz potem zasugerowałem żeby pojawiła się postać o nazwie Traveler, i AI postanowiło połączyć tę małpę z nim :P

Poza nim to myślę że jak te opisy brzmiały to się domyślisz. Popularne żarty i memy (gruby Inces, Cosmic autysta, Fallen awakened, rozdawanie prochów na sen itp.) mocno wychodzą na wierzch. Ten dowcip z klubem skautów-satanistów to nowość z ostatniego zjazdu, na którym Cię nie było :)

Całość była generowana w segmentach, żeby się to jako-tako kupy trzymało. Jak AI dryfowało w jakieś kompletnie abstrakcyjne rejony, to zmieniałem nieco input i prowadziłem w kierunku, który mi bardziej odpowiadał. Jak się tego nie pilnuje, to AI po czasie zapomina kompletnie ile jest bohaterów (w sumie to widać w finalnej wersji, ale whatever), jak mają na imię, kim są, co chcieli zrobić 10 zdań temu itd. I się kończy na jakichś randomach gadających o seksie na drugim końcu świata :)
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Heheh rozumiem, że te AI uczy się na bazie poklasku z pisanych przez siebie historii i innych, które odniosły sukces ? To tłumaczy seks, łzawe reminescencje sprzed 10 lat, małpy i imprezy. Dziwne, że karłów nigdzie nie dodało :)
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Te AI uczy się z tego co mi wiadomo na wszelkiej maści materiałach z internetu, liczonych chyba w miliardach słów. Artykuły, opowiadania, powieści, posty itd. I podejrzewam że dorzuca się wiedzę o wszelkich popularnych markach, uniwersach, tak że jeśli będziesz chciał wygenerować coś w świecie Gwiezdnych Wojen albo Śródziemia to Ci AI wygeneruje. Z historią tak samo. W tym opowiadaniu np. AI dobrze wiedziało, gdzie i kiedy zginął Harambe :P

Wiele serwisów pozwala na ustalenie tonu i/lub gatunku generowanego tekstu, czy ma to być komedia, erotyka czy dramat i tak dalej. Ja niestety tego luksusu nie miałem, mogłem wrzucać słowa kluczowe które AI starało się brać pod uwagę przy tworzeniu kolejnej partii tekstu. Natłok seksu wziął się chyba z jednego zdania które zostawiłem i które pachniało erotyką, więc AI uznało, że wszystkie postacie muszą mieć pociąg do takiego... Stylu bycia i wypowiadania się :P  U mnie wyszły takie kwiatki bo wyraźnie szedłem w bardziej komediową stroną i pozwalałem AI na początku gadać o dzieleniu łoża, autyzmie i ciągotach postaci do imprezowania pod wpływem tajemniczych substancji odurzających. Moje opisy forum i jego userów też trzymały wszystko w odpowiednim klimacie.
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Właśnie ciekawi mnie czy używałeś słowa kazirodzctwo do feeda, czy AI sobie wyprodukowało tą treść po skojarzeniu z nazwą mojej postaci ? :)
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(09-02-2022, 20:57 )incestus napisał(a): czy używałeś słowa kazirodzctwo do feeda, czy AI sobie wyprodukowało tą treść po skojarzeniu z nazwą mojej postaci ?
Nah, cała rozmowa o kazirodztwie była najwidoczniej zainspirowana Twoim nickiem. Najbardziej mnie bawi kiedy AI nawiązuje do pseudonimów albo tworzy własne, oryginalne nazwy i terminy oparte na innych, tak jak np. w tym opowiadaniu Stilnox składa się ze Stilnoxine, po zażyciu którego można wpaść w stan zwany Stilnoxium :D
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Widzę, że próby ośmieszenia mojej osoby trwają w najlepsze.
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O Tobie chociaz pamietaja.
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(09-02-2022, 22:32 )Traveler napisał(a): Widzę, że próby ośmieszenia mojej osoby trwają w najlepsze.
Wypraszam sobie, dałem Ci tylko wyższy głos. Inni trafili gorzej :P
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